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Liu End Life Photo

About Liu End

Liu, born in The Dongcheng District of Beijing, is a film and television actor, singer and music producer from mainland China, and graduated from the Central Academy of Drama with a bachelor's degree in performance.In 2008, he was selected as a candidate singer for the theme song "I and You" for the Beijing Olympic Games.In 2011, began to work with music producer Tan Rong, has for the "Dumping City Snow", "Beauty World" and other film and television drama composition.In 2013, he starred in the legendary time of the year, "Dartsmen."In 2014, he appeared in the TV series "Hey, Old Man!"》。In 2016, the theme song "Crazy Love" was written and sung for the TV series "Little Husband."In 2017, the film "Embroidery Spring Knife II: The Battlefield of Shuro" was released.In 2018, li Chengze, the second emperor, will play the second emperor in the ancient costume-powered drama "Celebrating the Year."In 2019, it starred in the war movie "Eight Sons" and in the same year, the film "Yi Xian 1" was released.Represents the work of eight son hey, old man!Shao Shuai Embroidery Spring Knife II: Shu luo battlefield we all good Qingyu catalog 1 early experience 2 performing arts experience 3 main works▪ participate in TV dramas▪ participate in film▪ music works▪ participate in stage plays▪ host the program 4 people to evaluate basic information

Liu End – Details

Chinese Liu End
Alias End
Nationality China
National Han
Constellation Gemini
Blood Type A
Height 184cm
Weight 70kg
Place of birth Dongcheng District, Beijing
Date of birth June 4
Occupational Actor, singer, music producer
Graduates Central Academy of Drama
Representing the work Eight sons, hey, old man!, less handsome, embroidered spring knife 2: Shu Luo battlefield, we are good, qing yu
Inaugural Unit Chinese National Theatre

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