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Yang Caixuan Life Photo

About Yang Zexuan

Yang, born On September 28, 1992, was admitted to the Performance Department of the Beijing Film Academy in 2011, as an actress, singer and host of mainland China.In 2003, Yang Tse-hyun sang the finalsong of the animated "Which Legend" film, "Teenage Hero Little Who", and then went to the United States to study.In 2011, he returned to Beijing Film Academy.Hollywood 3D film Prehistoric Monsters is released on January 1, 2014.The 2015 film "Love in the 1980s" was shortlisted for the main competition unit of the 18th Shanghai International Film Festival.2016 starring in the teen film "Portrait of a 19-year-old in the summer."In 2017, the feature film "Fang Hua" will be released.On December 8, 2017, fang Hua won the Best Supporting Actress award at the first Saipan International Film Festival.In 2018, he will participate in the overseas Chinese thriller "Seven Days of Life".Representing the work of prehistoric monsters 1980s love summer 19-year-old portrait Fanghua 7 days born young hero Xiao Yi star relationship husband Chen Jinfei latest news revealed Yang Caiyu Chen Jinfei has been licensed to marry 2019-12-18 23:1212 18, the TV series "Dajiang Dahe 2" announced the female owner "Liang Sischen" candidate for the role "Fang Hua" actress Yang Caixuan.Later well-known bloggers broke the news that Yang Caixuan and Liu Yifeigan father Chen Jinfei to get married.In this regard, Sina Entertainment to Yang Tse-hui agent for proof, the other side has not yet responded…. Details related news content from catalog 1 early experience 2 performing arts experience 3 people's life 4 major works▪ participate in TV dramas▪ participate in film▪ music works▪ micro-film 5 award-winning record 6 people evaluation basic information

Yang Tse-hyun – Details

Chinese Yang Ze-ying
Foreign names Ora
Nationality China
Constellation Libra
Blood O-type
Height 168CM
Weight 49KG
Date of birth September 28, 1992
Occupational Actor, singer, host
Graduates Beijing Film Academy
Representing the work Prehistoric Monsters, Love in the 1980s, Portraits of 19-year-Old Summer, Fang Hua, Seven Days, Teenage Hero
Key achievements Best Supporting Actress at the First Saipan International Film Festival 2017
Fan name Tulips

Yang Tse-hyun – Latest

Yang Tse-hyun – Source

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