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Photo of Zhu Yawen's life

About Zhu Yawen

Zhu Yawen, born on April 21, 1984, in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, was a mainland Chinese actor who graduated from beijing Film Academy in 2006 with an undergraduate degree in performance.In 2008, he played Zhu Chuanwu in "Breaking through Guandong".He won the 14th Shanghai Film Festival Asian Newcomer Award in 2011 and was shortlisted for the International Emmy Award for Best Actor for "The Far Away Eagle" in 2012.In the same year, he played Qin Feng in the director's film "The Mystery of the Floating City", and in 2013 he played the hero Yu Zhanxuan in the TV series "Red Sorghum" directed by Zheng Xiaolong.In 2014, he played The Golden Age, directed by Xu Anhua.On February 18, 2015, Zhu Yawen appeared on CCTV's Spring Festival Evening and sang the song "Good Children and Grandchildren of China" with Zhang Fengyi and Duan Weihong.In 2016, he starred in the TV series "Northup Wide Don't Believe in Tears."In 2017, he starred in the urban workplace emotional drama "Floating across the sea to see you";In March 2018, he won the first season of Hunan Satellite TV's "Voice sin."On June 18, 2018, Zhu Yawen tweeted the birth of his second daughter.In February 2019, he joined Zhejiang Satellite TV's "Run Bar" as MC.

Zhu Yawen – Details

Chinese Zhu Yawen
Foreign names Zhu Yawen
Nationality China
National Han
Constellation Taurus
Height 180cm[13]
Weight 67kg[14]
Place of birth Tinghu District, Salt City, Jiangsu Province
Date of birth April 21, 1984 (Year of a Child)
Occupational Actor
Graduates Beijing Film Academy Performance Department 2002 Undergraduate Class
Brokerage Heart Entertainment
Representing the work Red sorghum, our French years, under the door of Zhengyang, far away flying eagles, north wide do not believe tears, drift across the sea to see you
Key achievements The 3rd Asian Rainbow Awards For Best Actor in a Modern Drama
Wife Shen Jiani

Zhu Yawen – Latest

Zhu Yawen – Source

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