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About Ayunga

AYunga, born in October 1989 in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the Actor, Film and Television Actor, Singer, graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy's Department of MusicalS.In 2012, he starred in the original musical "Kunlun Myth" and "Skybridge".In 2013, he participated in the musical "Nasrdin Avanti", and in the same year, he won the first prize of the third "Song Contest – Inner Mongolia District" popular singing method.In 2014, he won the third prize of the popular group of the "Wanhua Award" in the national vocal competition, and the winner of the national final of "Super Mr." of Anhui Satellite TV, and the runner-up in the national final of CCTV's "China Is Listening".In 2016, he attended cCTV's Spring Festival Gala, sang the Mongolian song "The Dome Hat" and performed the song and dance program "In Your Great Embrace";In 2017, he starred in the musical "The Love of Alz's Memory" and "My Last Wish List"; that same year, it won the second installment of CCTV15's "Global Chinese Music List" in October.In 2018, he will be the first to participate in the TV series "Father's Prairie Mother's River" and to participate in Hunan Satellite TV's original innovative form vocal singing program, "Voices into the Hearts", which won the annual chief.In 2019, he will attend the CCTV Spring Festival Gala again, followed by Hunan Satellite TV's musical competition "Singer 2019"; in the same year, the first cross-border drama stage, starring the British director David Sacco in Shakespeare's play "The Merchant of Venice"; and in the same year, as the "Great World of Performing Arts – 2020 Shanghai International Music Festival", "Promote image ambassadors.Representing the work of Kunlun mythbridge Alz memory of love my legacy list father's grassland mother's river Sheila grassland life hometown catalog 1 early experience 2 performing arts experience 3 personal life 4 major works▪ participate in musicals▪ participate in drama▪ participate in TV drama▪ music works▪ concert records▪ variety show▪ magazine real 5 social activities 6 award-winning record 7 characters evaluation 8 characters Basic information

Ayunga – Details

Chinese Ayunga
Foreign names Ayanga
Nationality China
National Mongolian
Constellation Libra
Place of birth Ordos Flag, Ordos, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Date of birth October 23, 1989
Occupational Musical actor, singer, film and television actor
Graduates Department of MusicalS, Beijing Dance Academy
Representing the work Kunlun myth, skybridge, love of Alz's memory, my wish list, father's prairie mother's river, Sheila's prairie, the hometown of life
Key achievements 2014 "Super Mr." National Final Stakes 2014 "China Is Listening" National Final Sei2018 "Voice into the Hearts" Annual Chief 11th National Vocal Competition "Wenhua Award" Pop Group 3rd Prize

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