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About Yang Shuo

Yang Shuo, born on January 2, 1983 in Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province, a film and television actor from mainland China, graduated from the Central Academy of Drama,starring in the department of performance undergraduate.In 2004, he starred in his first tv series, "Love on the Left, Love on the Right", thus officially entering the acting world.In 2007, starring in the youth love inspirational drama "Happy Tears."In 2008, he played four winds in the anti-japanese drama "The Line of Life and Death".In 2010, he won the Best Newcomer Award at the Spring TV Drama Internet Festival.In 2011, it starred in the youth inspirational drama "The Struggle of the Ant Tribe" premiere.In 2012, the comedy action film "Golden Robbery" was released, and in the same year, he played Yu Hualong in the legendary period "Woman of the Knife Family."In 2013, he won the Most Media Star Award at China's Most Influential Brand Festival.In 2014, it won the Top 10 Actor awards for the 10th National Television Production Industry.In 2016, the city's workplace drama "Ode to Joy" premiered, in which bao Yufan was played.In 2017, he won the Annual Leap Show Star Award for The Quality of Chinese TV Drama, the same year, starring in the fashion suspense icon drama "Return ingres to you"; and on December 8th, he was awarded the Annual Attractive Star of the Year award for "Business Star Power Peak Person of the Year."In 2018, starring in the dating drama "Dajiang River."

Yang Shuo – Details

Chinese Yang Shuo
Nationality China
National Hui
Constellation Capricorn
Height 184cm
Weight 70kg
Place of birth Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province
Date of birth January 2, 1983
Occupational Actor
Graduates Undergraduate Program, Performance Department, Central Academy of Drama
Representing the work Happy carols, life and death lines, the woman of the knife family, the god dog, the return of the world to you, the river, we are all good
Key achievements 2010 Sohu Spring Entertainment Festival Best Newcomer Award 2013 China's Most Influential Brand Festival Most Media Attention Star Award 2014 10th National Television Production Industry Top 10 Actor Award 2015 17th Huading Award Series Best Actor Award 2017 China TV Drama Quality Festival Annual Leap Performance Drama Star Award

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