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Li Rujun's Life Photo

About Li Ruan

Li Ruan, Hong Kong Film and Television Actress, China.In 1990, when he was a flight attendant, he was discovered by a star scout and invited to shoot an ad for the first film, "Romantic Killer Freeman."First starring in the TV series in 1995, she shot to fame playing The Dragon Girl in "The Sculptor."In 1996 in the TV series "Tianlong Eight" in the triangle, the following years continued to play the film, until 1999 again filmed the TV series, and then mainly in the TV series.In 2001 in "Yangmen" to play Yang eight sister, in "Autumn Xiang" to play Miss Qiu Xiang.In 2003 in "Wudang" in two corners, in which Shen Wei this role of the early shape of some fans as her personal ancient dress in the visual peak.In 2004 in the "Great Song World Legend" played the evil of the foreign show, Liu Fei, the first time in the ancient tv series to play the villain.She has been without a boyfriend since 2008, when her boyfriend of ten years offered her a break-up.After her father suffered a stroke in 2009, she took care of her bedridden father until his death.From the second half of 2009 to the second half of 2012, she took her sister's children with her because of her busy schedule.In 2013, he played a middle-aged housewife in the TV series "Women's Club."In 2017, Feng Chunyan was played in the Republic of China drama "Sea Otter through the Rain."In 2018, he will play Blue Wings in "The Case of The Show" and shoot the film "The Battle of gods."On December 2, 2018, he won the award for the most classic actress at the first Shaoxing Keqiao New Film Festival.On behalf of the works of the god-carved man big inside secretly spy zero hair tianlong eight Yangmen female will qiu Xiangwu when the women's club star relationship partner Zhang Guoqiang partner Gutianle partner Liu Qingyun catalog 1 early experience 2 performing arts experience 3 personal life▪ family▪ emotional ▪ physical condition4 main works▪ participate in TV drama▪ participate in the film ▪ participate in MTV ▪ dubbing works 5 people to evaluate basic information

Lee – Details

Chinese Li Rujuan
Foreign names Carman Lee
Nationality China
National Han
Constellation Leo
Height 165cm
Weight 46kg
Place of birth Hong kong
Date of birth August 16 (she never announced the year)
Occupational Film and television actors
Representing the work God-carved man, big inner secret zero hair, Tianlong eight, Yangmen female general, Qiu Xiang, Wudang, women's club
Marriage No Unmarried
The most annoying entertainment Play mahjong.

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