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About the heavy lifting

Ren, born on November 26, 1979, in Tianjin, mainland China film and television actor, pop singer, graduated from the Shanghai Academy of Drama.In 1997, he made his debut film, "The Intern", which officially entered the acting world.In 2000, he starred in the urban emotional drama "I don't really want to go."In 2001, starring in urban youth inspirational drama "City Stars."In 2003, he played Zhang Wei in the legendary costume drama "Hanwu the Great".In 2006, he starred in the criminal investigation suspense drama Who Testifies for You.In 2007, he played the hero Changhong in the sitcom "The Shadow King".In 2009, he appeared in the military drama "Eight thousand Xiang Women on Tianshan".In 2010, he starred in the family emotional drama "Home, N-Side", and in the same year, he won the Best Newcomer Actor Award for his TV drama "The Battle of Marriages".In 2012, he won the Most Popular Mainland Actor Award for the TV Drama of the Year for the TV Drama "Beijing Youth".In 2013, he starred in the urban emotional drama "The New Age of Love."In 2014, Cheng Jun was played in the modern medical emotional drama "Young Doctor."On July 24, 2015, the urban emotional light comedy "Little Mom and Dad" was shown on Eastern TV.In 2016, he starred in the costume drama "The Full Moon of that Year."On January 15, 2017, the urban emotion drama "Bringing Marriage To the End" premiered on CCTV-8.

Duty – Details

Chinese Duty
Foreign names Ren Zhong
Alias Boss, Ren Xiao-heavy, Sisi, Tide
Nationality China
National Han
Constellation Sagittarius
Blood Type B
Height 181cm
Weight 69kg
Place of birth Tianjin
Date of birth November 26, 1979
Occupational Actor, Singer
Graduates Shanghai Academy of Drama
Brokerage Beijing Xinbaoyuan Film and Television Investment Co., Ltd.
Representing the work Young doctors, parents, the end of marriage, marriage defense war, home N side, Beijing youth, new love era, interns
Key achievements The 4th Le Eco Awards Most Popular Actor Award The 8th BQ Red Man List Most Popular Actor Award "YouKu Film and Television Festival" Most Attention actor Award
Fan name Key students

Duty – Latest

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