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Deng sha was born on December 8, 1985, in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, an actress in mainland China.In 2007 to participate in the Red Mansion Dream in the talent selection, into the Baoxuan group of the top five national, won the grand final the most popular award debut.In October 2008, he appeared in the first TV series, "A Tear is Love", and starred yang Huamei as a wayward man.In 2011, he appeared in the ancient costume drama "Beautiful People's Plan".In July 2012, he played Sang Zhu in "The Last Love of the City."In February 2013, she played Yi Lin in the ho Jianhua version of "Laughing Aojiang Lake".In 2014, guest appearances in the original TV series "The Man of God" played the "He Weijun" corner.In 2017, he will take part in the ancient costume drama "Lonely Fang Can't Appreciate" directed by Zhu, in which he plays the "Zhang Guifei" corner.In 2019, he will appear in the TV series "White Hair".On behalf of the work of the big yaya DaiYu beauty without tears AoYangjiang Lake star friend Gao Tianyu partner Han Dong latest news Dengsha pull fire can was burned 2019-12-14 22:1212, Dengsha updated the micro-blog that he accidentally burned when pulling the fire can on December 9th, more serious, later need to care, The place that burned white will certainly be scarred and will need to heal last week.It was accompanied by a picture of his own burns and a diagnosis report.At the same time, Dengsha also did not forget to remind everyone in the pull of the can must pay attention to safety, and thoughtfully attached some of the things to be aware of after being burned.It's also very distressing sister…. Details related news content from catalog 1 early experience 2 performing arts experience 3 major works▪ participate in TV dramas▪ participate in film▪ participate in MV4 award-winning record 5 people evaluation basic information

Dunsa – Details

Chinese Dunsa
Foreign names Deng Sha
Nationality People's Republic of China
National Han
Constellation Sagittarius
Height 165cm
Weight 50kg
Place of birth Zhuzhou, Hunan
Date of birth December 8, 1985
Occupational Actor
Graduates Sichuan Normal University Film and Television College
Brokerage Star Ray Film and Television Media Culture Co., Ltd.
Representing the work Big Ya, Dai Yu Chuan, beauty without tears, laughing aojiang lake
Key achievements Red Mansion Dream In the Selection Of Baoxuan Group National Top Five 2006 "Miss Asia" Mainland Final 8
Fan Name Shark

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