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About Curran

Curran, born july 25, 1972, in Beijing, is an actor, host and model.He joined TV Music In 1994 and became the first generation of Asian VJ.In 1996, he joined Phoenix Satellite TV Chinese and became the host of "Music Unlimited".In 2005 left the struggle for 8 years of Phoenix Satellite TV, the same year by Zhang Jiandong directed the TV series "Close to you, warm me."In 2009, Curran left to preside over the work, full-time performing arts career.In 2010, he played An-Yuan in "The National Anthem", which was directed by Yu Rufei, and in October of the same year won the Pink Promotion Ambassador Award at the 2010 Pink Music Festival, and on November 13 of the same year, he won the Huading Award for Best Actress in the Modern Revolution.In 2011, he created his own official e-magazine, Good Thirty Eight.In 2012, he was featured on the cover of Healthy Women.In December 2014, he starred in The Tiger's Tooth Extraction, a spy drama directed by Pan Jun.In 2016, he appeared in the industry medical drama "Emergency Physicians".In 2017, the anti-corruption TV series "The People's Name" was broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV.Representing the work of the people's name the national anthem is the world's women Jianghu Zhengdao star relationship ex-boyfriend Li Quan's grandfather Geng Le grandfather Zhong Jing guang friend Liang Jing friend Li Weijia catalog 1 performing arts experience 2 personal life 3 main works▪ participate in tv series▪ participate in the film ▪ host program▪ variety show▪ magazine real 4 social activities 5 award-winning record 6 people to evaluate basic information

Curran – Details

Chinese Curran
Foreign names Michelle
Nationality China
Constellation Leo
Blood Type A
Height 165CM
Weight 50KG
Place of birth Beijing, China
Date of birth July 25, 1972
Occupational Actor, host, model
Brokerage Picking up culture
Representing the work The name of the people, the national anthem, the human right way is the vicissitudes, the world's women, the river and lake road
Key achievements Best Actress at the Huading Award in 2010
Grandfather Admiral Clock Light
Formerly The clock is good.
Zodiac Rat
Gender Woman

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