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About Chen Feiyu

Chen Feiyu, born on April 9, 2000, is a Chinese-language film and television actor and attends the Beijing Film Academy.In 2010, he entered the acting world for his role in his first solo film, "Zhao's Orphan."In 2016, he worked as a director's assistant in the ancient fantasy film "The Demon Cat."In 2017, record edging Zhejiang TV star Food Thanksgiving reality show "Familiar Taste Season 2"; July 7, starring in the youth campus film "Secret Fruit" released nationwide; and then, starring in the first personal TV series, "Will Night", in the drama, played Ning Shortage.In 2018, the film "The Road to Wake Up", based on the novel of the same name, will star.In April 2019, he was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy's Performance Academy, and in July, he starred in the realistic youth inspirational film "Blossom in the Dust".On October 17, 2019, he was named in the 2019 Forbes China Under-30 Elite List, and on October 30, he won the Golden Crane Award and the Most Popular Actor at the Tokyo Film Festival for "The Best Of Us."Representative works will be the night secret fruit star relationship father Chen Kaige mother Chen Hong's brother Chen Yun'an grandfather Chen Waiang latest news Ouyang Nana and Chen Feiyu secretly view 2019-12-07 13:1212, scream night held, many star artists attended the event, Ouyang Na and Chen Feiyu were also invited, The two seem to sit separately in order to avoid suspicion, with several locations in the middle.But surprisingly, despite sitting apart, the pair were caught on camera interacting with each other.In the middle of no one, Ouyang Nana and Chen Feiyu secretly look at the scene, this scene just caught on camera, so that many cp powder happy like the New Year…. Details related news content from catalog 1 performing arts experience 2 main works of life▪ participating in TV dramas▪ participating in film▪ music works▪ variety show▪ magazine photo-writing 4 award-winning record 5 people evaluation basic information

Chen Feiyu – Details

Chinese Chen Feiyu
Nationality United States
Constellation Aries
Height 188cm
Date of birth April 9, 2000
Occupational Actor
Representing the work Will night, secret fruit
Key achievements Tokyo Film Festival Golden Crane Award for Best Newcomer and Most Popular Actor in the 2019 Forbes China Under-30 Elite List

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