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He Luolo, whose name is Xu Yining, was born on May 4, 2001 in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, a male pop singer from mainland China, a member of the men's singing group R1SE and president of the trans-yuan men's group Yi'an Music Society.In 2017, he became a first-time student of Yi'an Music Society; on March 30, it announced its official launch; and on December 18, Yi'an Music Society won the "1218 Live Festival Pepper Night" New Jin Group Award.In 2018, with Yi'an Music Society has launched "Easy Energy six hundred million", "Yi'an can play a declaration" and other 3 music EP.On June 8, 2019, in Tencent video youth group training program "Creating Camp 2019" final, joined the men's singing group R1SE, and has launched the combination of the song "R.1.S.E" and "Glorious Battlefield" "Young As A" and other singles; With R1SE launched the first music EP of the combined " to throw sound cracking."Representative works who are not stingy to throw the sound of the blow-up R1SE juvenile as the glory of the battlefield worthy of the latest news He Lolo appeared on campus to participate in the art examination 2019-12-06 17:1212, there is media exposure Of He Lolo appeared on the Zhejiang Mission campus to participate in the 2020 Zhejiang film and television performance provincial examination.On the day, Helolo was smiling in a black coat, and many fans around him took photos of Himolo…. Details related news content from catalog 1 early experience 2 performing arts experience 3 main works▪ music works▪ concert records▪ variety shows▪ participated in short plays▪ magazine skits 5 social activities 6 award-winning records 7 people evaluation basic information

Hololo – Details

Chinese Hololo
Alias Xu Yining (name)
Nationality China
National Han
Constellation Taurus
Height 180cm
Weight 58kg
Place of birth Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
Date of birth May 4, 2001
Occupational Singer
Brokerage Shanghai Original Painting Culture Media Co., Ltd.
Representing the work No one is mean, to throw a sound crack, R.1.S.E. as a teenager, glorious battlefield, worthy of
Key achievements 21st place in the 2019 2019 2019 Creative Camp 2019 Finals of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces in China
Specialty Sachs
The combination of ownership Yi'an Music Club, R1SE

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