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Li Yixuan, born on September 6, 1990 in Jinan, Shandong Province, is an actress from mainland China and graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy.In 2015, li Yixuan was in Zhengqin Point to star in the Republic of China fantasy network drama "Half-Ghost City", and officially entered the performing arts circle.In 2016, he starred in the urban romance "Just Meet You at That Moment."In 2017, the starring in the adaptation of Jin Yong's novel of the same name, the ancient martial arts drama "Shooting Heroes" broadcast, Li Yixuan with Huang Yi a corner of the Chinese TV drama quality pageant "New Sharp Drama Star of the Year";In 2018, starring in the ancient costume-powered drama "He Huhu Pavilion" based on the novel of the same name.In 2019, he will star in the ancient erotic comedy "The Great Tang's Daughter's Walk";

Li Yixuan – Details

Chinese Li Yixuan
Nationality China
National Han
Constellation Virgo
Height 165cm
Weight 42kg
Place of birth Jinan, Shandong Province
Date of birth September 6, 1990
Occupational Actor
Graduates Beijing Dance Academy
Representing the work Shoot the hero, half demon city, just for that moment to meet you
Key achievements 2017 Oriental TV China TV Drama Quality Festival "New Sharp Drama Star of the Year" Award

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