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Jane Zhang was born on October 11, 1984, in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, a Chinese pop singer.In 2004, he won the national championship of the Shining Star College Singer Selection competition held by Warner Records.The following year, he made his official debut after participating in Hunan Satellite TV entertainment program "2005 Super Girl Voice".In 2006, the first music album, THE ONE, won the China Gold Record Award for Popular Actress.IN 2007, HE RELEASED THE MUSIC ALBUM "UPDATE-JANE" AND BECAME THE SECOND MAINLAND SINGER TO PERFORM A CONCERT IN THE UNITED STATES AFTER CUI JIAN.In 2008, as a representative of Chinese youth, he attended a state banquet in Japan to sing the song "Impression West Lake Rain".In 2009, her song "Drawing The Heart" won the 28th Hong Kong Film Awardfor for Best Original Film Song.In 2010, he became the first Chinese singer to appear at the Grammy Awards.In 2011, the music album "Change" was certified by the International Recording Industry Association as "IFPI Double Platinum Record".In 2012, won the top ten Chinese the National Best Female Singer Award.In 2014, the music album Seventh Sense teamed up with the fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar to become the first cross-border fashion record in Chinese music.In 2015, as the first Asian singer in Hollywood history, he sang the global theme song "Fighting Shadows" in the American sci-fi film Terminator: Genesis.In 2016, the worldwide release of the English-language single Dust My Shoulders Off, which won the 2017 German Red Dot Award.In 2017, as the first Asian singer in the history of Vimy, he appeared on the 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.In 2018, the English single "808" reached number 23 in the Billboard Electronic Dance Hot EDM TOP 50 chart in the United States.In 2019, the full English-language album Past Progressive is released.

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Chinese Zhang Liangying (Jane), Yin Yin (Yuan)
Foreign names Jane Zhang (Eng), (Han), S.
Alias Goddess, Sister Jing, Zhang Zhen
Nationality People's Republic of China
National Han
Constellation Libra
Blood O-type
Height 162cm
Place of birth Chengdu, Sichuan Province
Date of birth October 11, 1984
Occupational Singer
Graduates College of Chinese outside Sichuan University
Brokerage Jing Jie (Shanghai) Cultural Communication Studio
Representing the work Draw heart, if this is love, finally wait until you, we say good, the world has no double, I use all the reward love, my dream
Key achievements 9th Chinese Song music festival best female singer 5best female singer 4th world song stresser in the global Chinese music list the best female singer three times China's original music pop list best female singer two times the top ten Chinese the best female singer of the country to carry out the main achievements of the 9th Chinese Song Music Festival best female singer 5th Oriental Fengyun The best female singers in the four-time global Chinese music list the best female singer three times China Original Music Pop Sitter 2 times the top 10Chinese the best female singers in the national best female singers in the worldChinese music list the best female singers in the world Chinese song list best female singer Chinese best female singer awards best female singer in Asia's best female singer music competition best female singer / Most Popular Female Singer China Golden Record Award Most Popular Female Singer Chinese Music Media Award The Most Popular Female Singer 2 Best Female Singer 2 Best Female Singer 2 Best Female Singer 2 Best Female Singer 2 Singapore Golden Song Award Stakes MTV European Music Awards Asia Best Artist (Denied) Mnet Asian Music Award Asia Best Singer

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