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About Bai Jingting

Bai Jingting, born on October 15, 1993, was born in Huairou District, Beijing, mainland China, and graduated from the School of Music of Capital Normal University.In 2014, he received attention for his role in Sohu's homemade network drama "The Year of A Hurry", which played the male no.2 "Joe Burning".In July 2015, he starred in Ming Xiaoxi's adaptation of the novel of the same name, "Cyclone Girl", in which she played Yu Chuyuan, and in October 2015, he was involved in the natural tourism documentary "Adventure with Bell."In 2016, the star-studded reality show "Star Detective" aired; on April 22, the youth film "Who's Not Lost"; and on July 15, he joined Jiangsu TV reality show "Let's Fight."In early 2017, he participated in the recording of the second season of "Star Detective" and in January of the same year, the reality show "TA That Can't Touch"; on April 22, he became the youth spokesperson for the 7th China University Student Television Festival; and on June 11th he starred in the TV series "Summer To The Unreached" on Hunan Satellite TV, playing Lu Zhiang; and from September on wards, he participated in the "TA" Star Big Detective season 3 recorded.On February 2, 2018, the "24-Hour Third Season" was broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV.On October 17, 2019, Bai Jingting was named in the 2019 Forbes China 30 Elite S.

White Jingpavilion – Details

Chinese Bai Jingting
Alias Little White
Nationality China
National Manchu
Constellation Libra
Blood O-type
Height 183cm
Weight 68kg
Place of birth Beijing
Date of birth October 15, 1993
Occupational Actor
Graduates School of Music, Capital Normal University
Representing the work In a hurry that year, the whirlwind girl, whose youth is not confused, summer to the end of the
Fan name Dove

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