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About Gao Yunxiang

Gavin Gao, a film and television actor from mainland China, was born in Tianjin on August 15, 1982, and graduated from shanghai drama school with an undergraduate degree in performance.In 2002, he starred in his first tv series, Ambition, which officially entered the acting world.In 2003, he starred in the urban emotional drama "The Plain Life."In 2005, starring in the emotional drama "Wind and Rain."In 2006, he played the hero Wu Wei in the youth inspirational drama "Flying Tweezers".In 2007, starring in the emotional drama "One Love."In 2008, he starred in the family ethics drama "Little Family Matters."In 2010, he played the hero Yang Rui in the criminal investigation drama "New Yuguanyin".In 2011, he starred in the emotional drama Lock Down.In 2012, he played the actor Peng Tiango in the suspense action drama "Knife Shadow."In 2013, he starred in the ancient court drama "Love", and in the same year, he played Jiang Yidust in the ancient costume drama "The Palace Lock Liancheng".In 2014, he played the legendary drama "The Moon" as The King of Yiyuan.In 2015, he starred in the romantic drama "Love You, Love You."In 2016, he won the "New Beijing News China Fashion Power List Award" The Most Popular Actor Award, and in the same year, he won the "19th Huading Award" for the TV series "The Moon Biography", China's top 100 TV drama satisfaction survey launched the grand celebration "China's best actor award for ancient fashion drama drama."In 2017, he took part in the beijing TV star cross-border music program "The Second Season of the Cross-Border Song King", and in the same year, he also starred in the ancient court drama "Ba Qing Biography".

Gao Yunxiang – Details

Chinese Gao Yunxiang
Foreign names Gavin Gao
Alias Yunxiang
Nationality China
National Han
Constellation Leo
Blood AB
Height 186CM
Weight 75kg
Place of birth Tianjin
Date of birth August 15, 1982
Occupational Actor, model.
Graduates Shanghai Academy of Drama
Brokerage Beijing Yiyi Cultural Brokerage Co., Ltd.
Representing the work New Yuguanyin, Palace Lock Liancheng, love, moon, love you, a thousand strands, a world of love, Ba Qing chuan

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