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About Yang Zi

Yang Zi, born in Beijing on November 6, 1992, graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 2010, the undergraduate class, mainland Chinese film and television actress, pop singer.In 2002, because of the appearance of ancient costume historical emotional drama "The Secret History of Filial Piety" began to emerge.In 2004, he was nominated for the 12th China Film Children's Award for Outstanding Child Actor for its youth school comedy "Diary of a Girl", and was later known to audiences for starring in the sitcom "Family and Children".In 2012, he won the 14th China Film Performing Arts Society Golden Phoenix Award for its thriller "Shouzhu Man".In 2013, joined the youth inspirational idol drama "Flower non-flower fog non-fog."In 2014, he starred in the modern revolutionary epic "Changsha."In 2016, she was nominated for the 29th China Television Golden Eagle Award for The Best Actress award and the 23rd Shanghai Television Festival-White Magnolia Award for Best Supporting Actress, and in the same year she was named one of the "90s and Four Little Flowers" by Nandu Entertainment Weekly.In 2017, Yang Zi starred in the legendary dress-up drama "Dragon Pearl Legend" broadcast.In 2018, the ancient-fashioned mythical drama "Scented And Honey" won the national simultaneous TV series.In 2019, Yang Zi starred in the youth inspirational drama "Dear, Love" received a lot of attention, in November of the same year, Yang Zi nominated the 26th Huading Award for Best Actress in a Contemporary Tv Drama in China.

Yang Zi – Details

Chinese Yang Zi
Foreign names Andy[14]
Alias Yang Yao, Oa
Nationality China
National Han
Constellation Scorpio
Blood Type A[11]
Height 167cm
Place of birth Beijing
Date of birth 6 November 1992 (12 Th until October)
Occupational Actor, Singer
Graduates Beijing Film Academy
Brokerage Huanrui Century
Representing the work Home has children, war Changsha, happy carols, fragrant honey sink as frost, dear, love
Key achievements The 14th China Film Performing Arts Society Golden Phoenix Award New Act[4]or Award 23rd Shanghai Tv Festival White Magnolia Award Best Support[8]ing Actress Nominated 29th China Television Golden Eagle Award Audience Favo[15]rite Actress Award 2018 Forbes China UNDER30 Entertainment Industry Elite Represen[16]tative 2016 Nandu Entertainment Weekly "90 After Four Little Flowers" one[9]

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