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Life photo of Yi's thousands

About Yi-Chi Chi-Chi

Yi Qi, born on November 28, 2000 in Huaihua, Hunan Province, a male singer, dancer, actor and member of TFBOYS, attended the Central Academy of Drama.In 2005, the first television screen, began to participate in various types of variety shows.In 2009, he joined the "Flying Boys" group and quit two years later.In June 2013, he was invited to join the TF family, and in August, he was born in tfBOYS.In October 2015, he voiced the lead actor in "The Little Prince," which set a new box office record for a French animated film in China.In November, the show's self-made dances,"""IF YOU" and "RHYTHM TA" set the record for live online user data at the Aichi Birthday Stakes.In February 2016, he was on the Spring Festival Of the Monkey.In August, the self-made dance "Tell Me Why" was performed.In November, the single "You Say" was released and performed the self-made dances "Youth" and "Fan Dance."In January 2017, he boarded the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Rooster.In April, the single "Away From the Sorrow" was released, which won Billboard Radio China's 2017 Chinese-language gold song of the year.In October, it was confirmed to star in two series, Chang'an 12 th:o'aaanda and "Hot Blood."In November, the singles "Noted to Lose" and "Unpredictable" will be released.In February 2018, he will be on the Dog's Spring Festival Evening.In July, he starred in the film "You as a Teenager," which won the most anticipated youth movie of the 2019 Weibo Movie Night.In September, he participated in the closing ceremony of the Jakarta Asian Games ," "Hangzhou 8 minutes".In October, the single "Fantastic Just Started" was released.In November, the first solo album, "I'm Happy to Silence Release Inner Fireworks," was released.In February 2019, he will be on the Spring Festival Gala of the Pig.In May, the top five men's single-mailed.In August, the singles "Falling In The Good" and "Fall" were released, and were named eighth on the 2019 Forbes China Celebrity List and a 10-year influencer on "GQ of the Wise."In October, the single "I Adore You" was released.In November, the single "Think" was released.

Easy Chisto – Details

Chinese Easy Chi-Chi
Foreign names Jackson
Alias Fire sheep treasure thousands of total son brother bao
Nationality People's Republic of China
National Han
Constellation Sagittarius
Height Growing up
Weight Growing up
Place of birth Huaihua, Hunan
Date of birth November 28, 2000
Occupational Singer, dancer, actor
Brokerage Beijing Times Fengjun Culture and Art Development Co., Ltd.
Representing the work Teenager's You, Chang'an, Fall, Fall, Comfort Circle, Unpredictable, Unpredictable To Lose, Away
Key achievements 2019 Forbes China Celebrity List 8th I[33]ntellectual GQ Decade Influe[34]ncers 15th MAHB Annual Mr. Festival Of the Yea[36]r Idol 2019 Ai Qiyi Scream Night Male Si[37]nger GQ 2017 People of the Year Annual Popular Idol[38] Launched the Main Achievement 2019 Forbes China Celeb[33]rity List 8th Intellectual G[34]Q Decade Influencers 15th MAHB Year Mr. Du Fes[36]tival Icon of the Year 2019 Aichi Scream[37] Night Male Singer of the Year GQ 2017 People's Fes[38]tival Of the Year Billboard Radio China 2017 Chinese Golden Song 2017 ELLE Fashion[18] Festival ELLE Popular Idol World Health Special Envoy f[39]or China Special Envoy denmark[40]'s first national tourism image spokesperson[41]

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