Zhang Rujun

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About Zhang Rujuan

Zhang, born on August 24, 1988, was a mainland Chinese actor and graduated from the Beijing Film Academy.In 2004, he entered the acting world by appearing in the first TV series, "The Oath of the Sea".In 2011, with the inspirational revolutionary drama "Black Fox" Chinese sky wing a corner of the wide attention, and singing the final song "Strong Man", won the "most popular tv drama newcomer" award, the second LeTV film and television festival TV drama TV drama best newcomer award.In 2013, he starred as Zhou Weiguo in the war drama "The New Snow Leopard."In 2014, he was awarded the Outstanding Actor of the Year Award at the National Theatre Festival.In 2015, he was paid attention to his role as Zhang Intheune in the Republic's fantasy drama "Mindless Wizards" and for his debut song, "The Longest Journey."In 2016, with the spy war revolution drama "Sparrow" won the most popular actor in the national drama pageant, the same year, its starring in the suspense criminal investigation network drama "Criminal Qin Ming" hits more than 1.2 billion hits.In December 2017, he starred in Lin Zhaohua's "Three Sisters Waiting for Godot."In 2018, it will star in the ancient costume drama "Celebrating the Year";In 2019, he starred in the spy drama "Thriller."

Zhang Rujun – Details

Chinese Zhang Rujun
Alias Brother-in-a-God, boss, great-uncle, Zhang abandoned therapy,
Nationality China
National Han
Constellation Virgo
Blood Type A
Height 181cm
Weight 70kg
Place of birth Beijing
Date of birth August 24, 1988
Occupational Actor
Graduates Beijing Film Academy
Brokerage Xi'an Mengzhou Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
Representing the work Spy war deep sea shock, Kyushu Sky City, forensic Qin Ming, sparrow, fifteen years waiting for migratory birds, black fox, snow leopard strong years
Key achievements LeEco Film and Television Award series best newcomer award national drama festival of the year Outstanding Actor Award
Music The longest journey, the undead
Fan Name Yudo

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Zhang Rujun – Source of Data

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