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Dili zeba life photos

About DiLizeba

Dilraba, born on June 3, 1992, in Urumqi, Xinjiang, is a chinese film and television actress and singer who graduated from the Shanghai Academy of Drama.In 2013, DiLizeba starred in her first tv series, "Ana Elham."In 2014, she starred in the fantasy drama Love of Backlight.In 2015, DirecTV won the popularity of the romantic drama "Cla'a Lover" and won the National Drama Award for The Most Popular Newcomer Actress.In 2016, the modern drama "Spicy Transformers" aired, and in the same year, Direjba won the Best Newcomer Award at the British and British Film Festival for his comedy "Apogrin and Prejudice."In 2017, she was nominated for best supporting actress at the Magnolia Award for her fantasy drama "Three Lives III Ten Mile Peach Flowers."In 2018, Direzeba became the seventh "Golden Eagle Goddess" at the Golden Eagle Television Festival, and won two awards from the 29th China Television Golden Eagle Award audience favorite actress and the 12th China Golden Eagle Television Arts Festival's most popular actress.

Direzeba – Details

Chinese Dilizeba Dilimulati
Foreign names Dilraba
Alias Xiaodi, Fat Dee, Zeba
Nationality China
National Uygur
Constellation Gemini
Height 168cm
Place of birth Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
Date of birth June 3, 1992
Occupational Actor, Singer
Graduates Shanghai Academy of Drama
Brokerage Jiaxing World Studio
Representing the work Analhan, Kra lover, beautiful Li Huizhen, Sansheng III ten miles of peach blossoms, fire like song, one thousand and one night, pride and prejudice
Key achievements The 2016 China Film Festival Best Newcomer Award 2016 China Pan-Entertainment Index Gala New Force female artist award 2016 Aichi Scream Night New Generation Most Powerful Actor 2015 National Theatre Festival 2014 China Fashion Power List Of the Year New Force Award launched the main achievement 2016 China-UK Film Festival Best Newcomer Award 2 016 China Pan-Entertainment Index Festival New Force female artist award 2016 Ai Qiyi Scream Night new generation of the most powerful actor 2015 National Theatre Festival 2015 Most Popular Newcomer Actress 2014 China Fashion Power List New Force of the Year Award 12th Golden Eagle TV Arts Festival "Golden Eagle Goddess" Actress favorite at the 29th China Television Golden Eagle Awards The 12th China Golden Eagle Television Arts Festival's Most Popular Actress

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