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Yang Qianxuan, formerly known as Yang Zexuan, was born on February 3, 1974 in Hong Kong, China, and is originally from Shantou, Guangdong Province, a Hong Kong pop singer and film actress, and graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.In 1995 to participate in the 14th "Rookie Singing Competition" of wireless television won the runner-up to enter the singing arena.In 2000, he won several gold medals at the Four Stages of the Hong Kong Music Awards for "The Prayer of the Girl girl".The 2002 album Miriam's Music Box, in which the song "Unfortunately I'm Aquarius" became one of its representatives.In 2002, 2008 and 2009 three times won the top ten song gold song the most popular female singers.In 2005, he was nominated for Best Actress at the 42nd Taiwan Film Golden Horse Awardford for his film "A Thousand Cups Not Drunk".In 2011, he won best actress at the 17th Hong Kong Film Critics Association Awards for his film "Embrace the Good Guys."In 2013, he won best actress at the 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards for "Spring and Zhiming", starred in the film "The Principal of Five Children" in 2014, and released the Chinese single "The Color Inglis" in the same year.In 2016, the filming of "Zhiming and Chunjiao" the third "Chunjiao rescue Zhiming".On behalf of the works of the girl's prayer everywhere kiss unfortunately I am the water bottle small town event Zhiming and Chunjiao perfect wedding star relationship husband Ding Zigao's ex-boyfriend Zheng Zhongji Tang Brother-son Jun friend Liang Hanwen friend Gu Qianxuan latest news Yang Qianxuan denied that he is "Hong Kong independence" 2019-08-15 11:0814, Hong Kong female artist Yang Qianxuan and her brokerage company have made simultaneous statements on Weibo and overseas social media, denying the recent false rumours on the Internet that they are "Hong Kong independence", expressing their support for the Basic Law and insisting that Hong Kong is an integral part of China and that they love Hong Kong patriotically…. Details related news content from catalog 1 early experience 2 performing arts experience 3 main works of life▪ participate in TV dramas▪ participate in film▪ music works▪ variety show▪ magazine real 5 social activities 6 award-winning record 7 people evaluation basic information

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Chinese Yang Qianxuan
Foreign names Miriam Yeung, Yeung Chin-Wah
Nationality China
National Han
Place of birth Hong kong
Date of birth February 3, 1974
Occupational Singer, actor
Graduates Hong Kong Polytechnic University Academy of Social Sciences
Brokerage Yaya Media Group Co., Ltd.
Representing the work Girl's prayer, everywhere kiss, but unfortunately I am Aquarius, small town events, Zhiming and Chunjiao, hugging a beautiful person
Key achievements The most popular female singers of the three-time Hong Kong Film Award 32nd Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress to achieve the top ten gold song awards 18 (as of 2013) won theChinese top ten gold song awards 11 (as of 2013) won the 15th gold medal (as of 2013) Eighteen Gold Awards (as of 2013) Won the Top 10 Chinese Golden Song Award 11 (as of 2013) Won the 15th "Pop List Award" (as of 2013) The 32nd Hong Kong Film Award sbest actress best actress award sleuth award sleuth 2nd Taiwan Film Review Award Stakes 2nd Beijing University Students The Film Festival's Most Popular Actress awards for outstanding artists at the 24th New York China Film Festival, etc.

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