Zhao Jinmai

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About Zhao Jinmai

Zhao, an actress from mainland China, was born on September 29, 2002 in Shenyang, Liaoning Province.In 2010, he starred in his first tv series, "Can't Be Without A Lady", which officially entered the acting world.In 2011, guest family ethics drama "Shanmu Tiger".In 2014, he appeared in the children's fantasy comedy "The Magic Of the Little Magic of Balla."In 2016, he appeared in the urban family emotional drama "Little Parting" directed by Wang Jun.In April 2018, the urban emotional drama "Junior Pie" opened in Shanghai.On February 5, 2019, the sci-fi film "Wandering Earth" was released; on June 9, the TV series "Junior" was broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV, in which he played Lin Miao, and on October 23, the TV series "First Love That Little Thing" premiered at the Hunan TV Youth Theatre, where xia Xia played Xia Xia.On October 17, Zhao was named in the 2019 Forbes China's 30 Elite S.Represents the work of wandering the earth my!Sports teacher junior send small parting love is the source of joy, Balla Little Magic Fairy Fairy Princess star relationship partner Liu Daixi partner Wang Hui partner Chen Yuwei latest news Zhao Jinmai simple dress up show fancy girly 2019-11-26 09:11 recently, Zhao Jinmai was invited to attend the brand event.On the day of the event, Zhao Jinmai broke slightly, wearing a white "Watanabe Bird" printshirt, dark blue pleated skirt with a small red bag, more small thinking wristwear handmade bracelets to bring a finishing touch.The overall shape is refreshing and simple, elegant in the show fancy girly…. Details related news content from catalog 1 early experience 2 performing arts experience 3 major works▪ participating in film▪ participating in TV dramas▪ magazine photo 4 award-winning record 5 people evaluation basic information

Zhao Jinmai – Details

Chinese Zhao Jinmai
Foreign names Angel
Alias Wheat, wheat, wheat
Nationality China
National Han
Constellation Libra
Height 165cm[7]
Place of birth Shenyang, Liaoning Province
Date of birth September 29, 2002
Occupational Actor
Representing the work Wandering the earth, mine!Pe.P.L., Junior, Little Parting, Battle with Women, The Test of Magic, The Magic Arrow Princess of Balla's Little Fairy
Key achievements Selected in the 2019 Forbes China 30 Elite S. Under-30s List
Fan name Mai Xiang

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