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About Zhang Lui

Zhang Luyi was born on June 7, 1980, in Beijing, an actor and director from mainland China, and graduated from the 99th Level Director of the Central Academy of Drama with a Master of Arts degree from Peking University.In 2005 to participate in the first TV series ," "Yu Qingxuan", officially debuted.In 2006, he directed and starred in the drama "Days of Living With A Flight Attendant."March 2008-March 2010, participated in the drama "Amber."2011 starred in the urban emotional drama "Women's Gang."In 2013, he came under the spotlight for starring in the TV series "The Three Brothers of fire."In 2014, he received widespread attention for starring in the TV series "Red"; the same year he starred in the historical drama "Oriental Battlefield."In 2015, he starred in the TV series "The World Right Now."2016 to participate in the modern revolutionary theme of the TV series "Burning the Earth", playing the male No. 1 Horse Mid-Autumn.In the same year, he starred in the spy drama Sparrow, playing the villain Bi Zhongliang.2017 to participate in Su Youpen's suspense film", "The Death of Suspect X."2018 starring in the anti-war drama "Patriots."Representing the work of red suspect X dedicated woman help girl to marry a cook son son Amber and flight attendant cohabitation day catalog 1 performing arts experience 2 main works▪ participate in the film ▪ participate in the TV drama ▪ director's work▪ participate in drama ▪ magazine real 3 award-winning record 4 people evaluation basic information

Zhang Lui – Details

Chinese Zhang Lui
Foreign names Edward Zhang
Alias Fish Dan, fish, uncle.[12]
Nationality China
National Han
Constellation Gemini
Blood O-type
Height 182cm
Weight 68kg
Place of birth Beijing
Date of birth June 7, 1980
Occupational Actor, Director
Graduates Director of the Central Academy of Drama, MFA Master of Arts, Peking University
Brokerage Beijing Qianyi Times Culture and Media Co., Ltd.
Representing the work Red, suspect x's devotion, women's gang, mother to marry, cook's mule, amber, and flight attendant's days

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