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About Ouyang Nana

Ouyang Nana was born on June 15, 2000 in Taipei, Taiwan, from the village of Hengjiang Township, Ji'an County, Jiangxi Province, Chinese film and television actress, cellist, singer.In 2011, Ouyang Nana won the Taiwan cello competition and delivered the first prize to the Taiwan Masters Music Class.In 2012, she successfully hosted four "Only and Nana-2012 Ouyang Nana Cello Recitals" tour in Taiwan, becoming the youngest performer ever to perform at Taiwan's National Concert Hall.In 2013, he was awarded a full scholarship to the Curtis College of Music in the United States.In 2014, the love film "Beijing Love Story" began to make a name for itself in the film and television world.In 2015, she made her debut at the National Theatre in Beijing for a solo concert on the cello, and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 7th Macau International Film Festival for her youthful-hot film Breaking Bad.In June 2016, he starred in the fashion romance Yes!Mr. Shang gets more attention; in October, the comedy action film "Trump" was released.In 2017, starring in the youth campus movie "Secret Fruit"; in August, the 2017 cello tour of Ouyang Nana's "Dream Practice Song" was launched.On June 14, 2018, Ouyang Nana is scheduled to return to school in September to attend the Berkeley School of Music in Boston.Representing the works of Beijing love story breaking the wind is!Mr. Shang trump ace secret fruit warm your winter star relationship father Ouyang Long mother Fu Yan sister Ouyang Ni i friend Zhang Yunyi catalog 1 early experience 2 performing arts experience 3 personal life 4 main works▪ participate in the film ▪ participate in TV drama▪ music works▪ concert ▪ participate in THE MV ▪ variety show ▪ magazine live ▪ publishing books▪ voice-over works 5 social activities 6 awards Record 7 People Evaluation Basic Information

Ouyang Nana – Details

Chinese Ouyang Nana
Foreign names Nana Ou-yang
Alias Nabi
Nationality China
National Han
Constellation Gemini
Blood AB
Height 167cm[10]
Weight 47kg
Place of birth Taipei, Taiwan
Date of birth June 15, 2000
Occupational Actor, performer, singer
Graduates Berkeley College of Music (study)
Brokerage Heart Entertainment[11]
Representing the work Beijing love story, breaking wind, yes!Mr. Shang, trump tease sashimi, secret fruit, warm your winter
Key achievements Hito Pop Music Awards Aichi Artist Air Award phoenix fashion choice awards annual fashion popularity pioneer awards 17th music fashion trend ingested list of the most watched potential idols 2017 Weibo Fashion Festival the most popular new female stars of the year[12]
Zodiac Dragon

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